We have exported Quality Ready-made Garments is different country of the world buyer from USA, UK, Australia, Canada and other first world country. Appreciated and preferment’s as we fulfill other requirement with the local factory.

Our main product of export one sweater denims pants, denim shirt, t-shirt, polo shirt etc. All the items are maintaining the quality of various design and color. Over all we are A 100% Export oriented trades and we maintains very amiable relation with local factory where we order.

Mr. Naeim, our CEO & Managing Director, who is responsible overall production of the sweater items. He is responsible to maintain layout at factory, daily production. Quality & ultimate finishing & packing for export. He is 20 years experienced in the sweater manufacturing.

Our principal consultant Mr. Mamoon H. Qadeer worked 35 years in the textile sector, from spinning sector to sweater manufacturing. He worked with the jacket manufacturer, pants & sweater manufacturer and started his career in RMG and worked with a buyer from Hongkong to manufacture foam jacket, jogging suit etc, than switches his career to sweater manufacturing. 

Md. Rofiqul Islam, 15 years experienced in woven items, now working as manager, quality control.
S.K. Rakbul working as merchandiser, QCO & Log officer.

A part from exporting RMG, We Develop a Decent Fashion able ladies Bag the Martial of Which are plastic and stone.